About PRA

1) What exactly is the Portage Recovery Association and what does it do? 

The Portage Recovery Association (“The PRA”) is established as a non-profit corporation (Sect. 501(c)-7 of the federal tax code) dedicated to serving individuals and families recovering from substances.   The club abides by bylaws that were formed in 1993 and revised January 1, 2019. Click here for more information.  The PRA provides a comfortable facility for twelve-step groups to meet on a regular basis, offering space for special events related to these groups, such as workshops, speaker meetings, and book studies.  Members plan for dinners, dances, picnics, parties, and outings to provide sober alternatives for an active life in recovery.

2) What is the difference between the PRA and 12-Step programs?

Although the PRA is specifically focused on supporting recovery from mood-altering substances, it has no affiliation with the 12-Step fellowships, any substance abuse/treatment center, or any other organization. It is a completely separate entity. Just as some churches support the principals of the 12-step programs by allowing such groups to hold meetings in their facility, so does the PRA which is a club supported by charitable donations from its’ members and groups.

3) Do I have to be a member of the PRA to attend meetings there?

No. Attendance at meetings held at the PRA is not limited to members in any way. The PRA offers meeting facilities to 12-step groups, for which these groups make donations to the PRA. These groups have participants that attend meetings, who may or may not be members of the PRA. Any condition of attendance for any meeting held at the PRA is dictated solely by the group having the meeting (e.g. “Open” or “Closed” meetings).

4) Who can attend PRA Social Events?

Most PRA social events are open to non-members, as well as PRA members; however, there are a few “Members Only” events from time-to-time which are clearly designated as such. Some PRA social events have a modest admission charge for non-members that may be slightly higher than the member’s charge. This is considered a benefit of membership covered by member’s dues.

5) Are children permitted at the PRA? What about pets?

Some of the meetings held at the PRA allow children and many of the PRA’s social events welcome children. The PRA Board of Directors is re-emphasizing its policy on minor children at the PRA.

If you plan to bring a child to a meeting at the PRA please be certain that the particular meeting welcomes children first. Children should be kept with you and quiet at all times during meetings so that others attending will not be disturbed. Pets are not permitted anywhere inside the building at any time, other than a service dog.

6) What are the requirements for membership in the PRA?

The requirement for PRA membership is simply for a member to remain current with membership dues.  A member of the club is an active participant in a 12-step program.

7) What are the benefits of being a PRA Member?

Membership in the PRA offers numerous benefits, both tangible and intangible. First and foremost, the PRA provides its members with a safe, healthy environment that promotes sobriety and enables a support mechanism for individuals and family members in their pursuit of recovery from the effects of alcoholism. This environment includes not only the meetings that are conducted at the PRA, but also fellowship, social activities, and a sense of belonging, as well as numerous opportunities for service work and community contributions.

8) How do I become a member of the PRA?

Joining the PRA is as easy as clicking here and following the instructions.

9) What kind of meetings are held at the PRA, and when are they?

The PRA plays host to numerous meetings every day of the week for 12-step groups. For a list of meeting times, days, and groups click here.

10) Where is the PRA located and how do I find it?

5965 McCasland Avenue, Portage, IN  46368

11) Am I allowed to sponsor memberships for other people?

Absolutely!  People often pay it forward by purchasing memberships for newcomers.

12) Is there a paypal link to purchase memberships and/or pay ahead for events, such as the upcoming Road to Recovery bike run?

Click here for paypal account:  https://urlzs.com/PF4vd