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More than Just Meetings

There is more to addiction recovery than just going to meetings.

 We offer space to rent at very reasonable rates for public events such as fundraisers, or private events such as birthday parties, showers, life celebrations and more.

Our fellowship club offers a home for people to attend 12-step meetings daily. On the last Saturday of the month, people gather for an anniversary party to celebrate all the recovery birthdays from that month. On Saturdays, our doors open for friends to gather to play pool, grill, eat, fellowship and more prior to the 8 o’clock meetings.

Some of us spend time each day, just visiting, and sharing our life experiences. We celebrate, we mourn, we laugh, and we cry.

Many of these are things that we did not do in our active addiction.  It can sometimes feel hard to relate to others in our lives, but here we find people who have gone through many of the things we have.  They understand the bad choices we have made, and can appreciate the strides we are taking to improve our lives, and to make amends to those we have harmed.

It is our goal for the Portage community to know that PRA is available for anyone seeking help with addiction. Groups offer support for people seeking Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Overeaters Anonymous. Visit our site, social media pages, and most importantly, the PRA at 5965 McCasland Avenue in Portage, Indiana.

We welcome donations towards a newcomer having a club membership, coffee mugs, t-shirts, or simply to help offset our utility costs. Feel free to send a donation, via paypal.

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